Hey there my fellow crafty peeps, I’ve got a neat tutorial to show you today. I’ll be making a paper flower out of watercolour paper and then I have a little video to show you how to do an ombre look on the petals.


So lets get started.

supplies These are some supplies I’ll be using, a glue gun would work great(but I don’t have one…I know, I know I can’t believe it either).

3x4paper4”x3” pieces of coldpress watercolour paper.

This is how I created the ombre look for the petals.

petalsYou’ll need to make large enough slits in the petals so the stem can fit through.

stemsI used flower stem tape, wire stems and some stems I had from a faux flower bouquet. Or if you have the ones on the far left, they are awesome too.


stemwrappedI hooked the wire through the trinket and twisted the end to secure it, then I twisted the wire around the stem.


threepetalsonstemTo get a realistic looking petal, bend and roll it around a bit and it will to give them their lovely shape. After the first three petals are in position, add glue to secure and continue adding more petals in a staggered pattern.

tapeonstemOnce your flower is complete, wrap the stem with some stem tape for a finished look.

flowerwithrainThe result…a beautiful paper flower!

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial, have a super awesome crafty day!